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If you can plug in a toaster and push a few buttons, you can set up your Telocity connection. You don't have to install another phone line, hire a technician, or open up your computer. Just...

Get qualified and sign up!
First, check for availability to make sure we can provide Telocity service for your home. This happens when your phone system supports DSL and Telocity is available in your area. Once you're cleared for service, click Order Now on any page of this site to sign up!
Is Telocity service available to all homes?

Leave the connection to us
Next, we'll set up a DSL connection to your current phone line. Since DSL and voice can share a single line, you don't need new wiring inside your home, so there's no waiting around for technicians to show up. We'll have the phone company come around to make a few adjustments to your outside connection, but you don't have to pay extra or be at home for this.
Can DSL always use my current phone line?


Who needs technicians? Just plug the Telocity VelocityPort gateway into your computer and phone jack, and you're ready to take off!

Plug in the Telocity gateway and fly!
When your connection is ready, we'll send you our Telocity VelocityPort gateway, which you can set up yourself in minutes. Just plug it in to your computer and phone jack, make a few simple settings, and fire up the Web.
Is there anything I should change about my computer?

  Want your Net to be easy? You ain't seen nothing yet.