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Think your dial-up connection is good enough? Take a spin on the Net in Telocity Time and you'll be in for a huge surprise. No more waiting for the Web and tying up the phone. Just click your way to a whole new world of music, video, and games!

Click and fly on the Web
With Telocity High-Velocity DSL Internet Service, pages that used to take excruciating minutes to load via dial-up now jump to life in merciful seconds, up to 50 times faster! Trading stocks, planning vacations, and shopping online are no longer awkward novelties, but a fun, new way of life. 
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A lifestyle only speed can buy
Webcam Think video phones are still science fiction? Do your radio stations give only local traffic reports? With our high-speed DSL connection, you can chat by video cam with your sister in D.C., then tune in via Internet radio to classical music from France or jazz from New Orleans. Download movie trailers, get live news and weather, play killer online games—there's no end to what's cool on high-speed Web! 

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    Instant access to fun
    Forget waiting around forever while your computer dials in to the Net. With Telocity's superfast service, you'll connect in a flash. Just open your browser and start surfing. No more screeching modems or busy signals, either. You can even surf while you're on the phone! You get unlimited connection time for one low, monthly fee, so you can shop, telecommute, or just kick around the Web as long as you want, with no nasty surprises on your phone bill.

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