Here are magazine articles and instructional books I've either authored or ghost-written, on technology, music, and even sports.

Group Computing Magazine

Here are articles "ghost-written" for a leading groupware magazine. The words are mine, but not the original ideas—you won't usually see my name in the byline.

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Society of Technical Communications

  • The Finer Points of Writing User Documentation
    In 1995, I gave a presentation at the STC national conference, and was also invited to publish this article in the conference proceedings. It presents common-sense tips on creating documentation that people can succeed with and relate to.

Keyboard Magazine Instructional Books

I co-authored these books while I was Editor of the Books department at GPI, publishers of Guitar Player, Keyboard, and Frets magazines. I did all writing and organization, while my co-author taught me to program synthesizers and MIDI devices.

  • Beginning Synthesizer (
    A comprehensive, easy-to-understand, musical approach to playing, programming, and performing keyboard synthesis. Alfred Publishing, 1986.
  • Using MIDI (
    The theory and practical applications of the Musical Instrument Digital Interface. A comprehensive approach to using the hardware and software: how it works and how it can expand your musical creativity. Alfred Publishing, 1987.

Frets Magazine

I wrote the following articles for Frets, a leading acoustic music magazine from GPI (who also publish Keyboard and Guitar Player magazines):

  • "Soloist in the Shadows"
    An interview with guitarist Nina Gerber, Frets, July 1988.
  • "New Sounds for the City"
    An interview with guitarist Eric Tingstad, Frets, May 1986.
  • "After the Cheering Stops"
    Where are Winfield's champions today?, Frets, July 1986.

Women's Sports & Fitness / Cosmopolitan

Here are my sports and fitness articles, one of which even ended up in Cosmo!

  • "New Wings for Women"
    All hang gliders are not created equal, Women's Sports & Fitness, October 1987.
  • "Getting in the Swim"
    No sweat water workouts can make you a splash hit, Cosmopolitan, May 1986.
  • "She Set the World Record..."
    ... but can she break it? An interview with champion butterflyer Mary T. Meagher, Women's Sports & Fitness, March 1986.
  • "The Long (and We Mean Long) Distance Runner" An interview with 100-mile racer Bjorg Austrheim-Smith, Women's Sports & Fitness, September 1985.
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