Here are samples of marketing materials I've worked on, including corporate writing and Web projects, as well as consumer-oriented materials targeted at individuals and not-so-technical audiences. (For other marketing materials, see my Multimedia page.)

Corporate projects

Postini Corporate Web Site
Postini Marketing "Sneak Peeks"
Pathworks Support Portal
NeXT Software Brochures
Consumer projects

Cal Alive! Web Site
DeFluri's Fine Chocolates
NetObjects Online

Click images below to see samples of my work

Postini Corporate Web Site

Wrote marketing copy and designed text layout for the Postini corporate Web site. Click below for excerpts of my writing (note that these pages are no longer published by Postini and the links don't go anywhere).

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Marketing writing...

for a provider of...

email and IM security

Postini Marketing "Sneak Peeks"

I designed, wrote, and implemented these Web presentations, which walk administrators of the Postini email security service through features of a new release.

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New Administration Console
Computer requirements
New User Message Center

Pathworks Software Support Portal

I designed, wrote, and implemented this small support portal for customers of the Pathworks knowledge management service.

Customer support portal (new window )

NeXT Software Brochures

I wrote these just before NeXT was acquired by Apple. The two technologies discussed, WebObjects and OPENSTEP, still exist in some form, today.

Cal Alive!

I led the redesign of this Web site with the goal of marketing Cal Alive! educational CD-ROMs to middle-school educators. I helped develop the organization, added marketing content, completed writing, and helped complete HTML/php implementation. (new window )

DeFluris Fine Chocolates

I am currently designing and implementing this site, which is largely complete except for final pictures of all the chocolates and a functional purchasing mechanism. Click the link to see what I've got so far....

Defluris Fine Chocolates (new window )

A consumer-oriented Web site that gets nontechnical folks excited about broadband, demystifies DSL for the masses, and allows people to sign up for service online. I organized the entire site, developed navigation, provided specs for graphic designers, and completed all writing. These sample pages were reproduced from the live site:

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Why DSL?
Get people jazzed...
Make it sound easy...
Computer requirements
Even techie details

NetObjects Online

A huge collection of articles and downloadable goodies available over the Web to NetFusion 5.0 users. It covers all aspects of planning, building, and promoting a small-business Web site. I organized the site, provided direction for designers, did most of the writing, and edited the rest. Some sample pages...

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Planning a site
Designing page templates
Building a site
Testing a site

Here's one of my first Web sites, which I designed and wrote myself.

Links to

Fun and consumer-oriented

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