Here are samples of user-oriented online and printed documentation I've written and designed. I can create your entire project (from organization and design through writing and production) or work with your publications team. My goal is to create learning materials that are streamlined, task-oriented, and visually easy to learn from.

Click images below to see samples of my work.

NoteTaker User's Guide

I wrote this entire manual and did most of the design (except for decorative art on chapter intro pages and a final touch-up on fonts and margins). I produce the manual in FrameMaker and output it both as a PDF optimized for printing (high resolution, cross references are page numbers), and as a PDF optimized for use online (lower resolution, cross references are blue links). Click any thumbnail to open the entire PDF:

6MB PDF (new window)
6MB PDF. Please be patient 6MB PDF. Please be patient 6MB PDF. Please be patient 6MB PDF. Please be patient
View this PDF manual... in Acrobat Reader or Preview... showing facing pages... to see the layout when printed.

NoteShare Server Guides

These guides on using NoteShare Server and its companion application NoteShare Administrator are created in NoteShare notebooks. You need NoteShare (or NoteTaker) to see the actual notebooks, all of which you can download from Or click thumbnails below to see one-page excerpts.

JPGs (new window )
Each of these guides... is written in a NoteShare notebook.

Helpstream Online Help and Printable PDFs

This documentation for a Web-based customer support service and community forum is targeted separately at service administrators, support agents, and users. I write the help in FrameMaker, then publish it in an online browser using WebWorks. Users access individual topics from the application's UI, or browse topics from a menu. I also output PDF documents optimized for printing.

(new window )
Online help with browsable menu Printable PDF of topics for support agents Quick Reference & Handbook

Here's some compact and consumer-friendly documentation for accessing email, PIM applications, and the Internet from a cell phone running software from (now Openwave). I completed all writing and design save for a final touch-up (colors, fonts, and icons) from a graphic design team:

450 Kb PDFs (new window)
450 Kb PDF. Please be patient
Glitzy 4-page foldout
450  Kb PDF. Please be patient
52 pp handbook

ExpenseIT Online Help

I completed this help entirely solo. Everything fits in a narrow window to be viewed simultaneously with the application on a 600 by 800 resolution screen:

Quick GIFs (new window)
Search for who owns what Remove a housemate Rename a housemate Change category settings
Onlinehelp... in narrow windows... can have pictures... and callouts, too.

NEXTSTEP User's Guide

This book was awarded "Best of Show" by the West Coast region's STC. I developed the streamlined writing style and page design (which was spiffed up by our graphic designer), and completed much of the content.
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50 Kb PDFs (new window)
Open a message Permissions granted Inspecting files
Task oriented Concepts in sidebars Having a little fun Say it with pictures


A popular book among NEXTSTEP fans. I did the initial page design (which was spiffed up by our designer), and I completed all writing.

60 Kb PDFs (new window)
Power Tips Sample Power Tips Sample
Lots of info packed... comfortably into each eyeful

Writer's Handbook for Style and Design

My primer for writers that describes the accessible writing style and page design of the NeXT documentation set.

50 Kb PDFs (new window)
Introduction Introducing topics Saying more with less Replacing words with pictures
Not... your run... of the mill... Style Guide

NEXTSTEP Online Help

Online help for the NEXTSTEP desktop and applications.

60k JPEGs (new window)
Online Help Sample Online Help Sample Online Help Sample Online Help Sample

What if Lincoln wrote user doc?

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