Below are exceprts from prototypes I've created of Web-based applications and services. I can plan your site, map out navigation and UI logic, create specs for developers, and build a fully navigable prototype that team members can evaluate, sign off on, and implement. (Access to complete prototypes and specs are available on request.)

Click images below to see samples of my work.

Postini Customer Support Portal

Here are static excerpts from a fully navigable Web prototype of a customer support portal for Postini's enterprise email and security services. I outlined and planned the site, designed and implemented the prototype where links and buttons navigate pages as in a live portal, and wrote all UI text.

Screenshots only (new window )

Navigate this prototype...
Computer requirements
by clicking buttons and links...
Computer requirements
just as in the live portal.

Download Manager (phone UI)

This prototype demonstrates an interface for purchasing, downloading, and managing ring tones, games, and other diversions for a mobile phone. You click links in the prototype and use browser buttons to simulate using controls on the phone.

Screenshots only (new window )

Click links in this prototype...

to demo text and navigation...

for a mobile-phone based...


Enterprise Device Manager

Here are excerpts of a prototype for a Web application for remotely administering OS, firmware, application, and device driver upgrades for various brands of mobile devices. You navigate the prototype to see design, text, and UI for each screen (data is hand-coded for demo purposes, only, not programmed to any back end). You can also click links to switch between the UI and a detailed spec for implementing that screen.

Screenshots only (new window )

This prototype includes...

navigable Web pages showing UI...

and an implementation spec.
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