NoteShare videos

Here are some videos I produced to demo features of NoteShare notebooks. It’s interesting to see where online sharing technology was at, back in the early 2000’s.

Using NoteShare to search the Internet

This video shows a student using the notebook’s built-in tools to research and write a book report on Mark Twain—searching the web in an embedded broswer, clipping content into a outline, annotating, indexing, adding pictures and videos, and more. The examples even read like a 7th grade book report!

Sharing NoteShare Notebooks

This video shows the early Google Docs-like capabilities of sharing and collaborating in notebooks. It’s not quite real-time editing. Instead, the “editor” has to grab a pen. But everyone else can watch the edits in real time, then grab the pen when the editor is done. You can also give a live presentation, but instead of advancing slides, you (of course) turn pages in a notebook!

The organized student

This video uses another student example to demo basics of organizing the notebook—this time writing a term paper on a Shakespeare play. Again, it’s fun to check out the examples, and you’ll see even more of a notebook’s many features.

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