1988-93 - NeXT Cube

NeXT User Reference Guides (many releases)

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While writing manuals on packet transfers for Tymnet McDonnell Douglas, I got a call from a headhunter asking if I wanted to work for a new startup called NeXT. It was run by a guy who had got ousted from Apple and was building a brand new type of computer. I walked in for the interview and there was a Bosendorfer piano in the lobby. This was going to be a great job!

NeXT User’s Reference manual

Most people didn’t have PCs yet, so a lot of our job was explaining how to use the most basic parts of the interface. I documented how to type on a keyboard, use a mouse, move a window, scroll, and much more. Here are some classic excerpts from the original NeXT User Reference manual. You’ll notice that this book reads a lot like an encyclopedia.

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A fun read (very retro)

The original Finder & more

The NeXT desktop eventually got ported to PCs and eventually evolved into today’s Mac desktop. We called today’s Finder the Browser.  You’ll even recognize the original Preferences.

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