1993-97 - NeXTSTEP Operating System

NeXTSTEP User's Guide, STC Best of Show

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NeXT kept making hardware for awhile, but they also ported their OS to Intel PCs and called it NeXTSTEP. I revamped the design of the original user guide to be more visual and task oriented, and with the help of a great editorial and design team, produced several books that stand out today as among my favorite writing samples.

NeXT Computer User’s Guide

This book was awarded “Best of Show” by the West Coast region’s STC. I developed the writing style and page design (which was spiffed up by our graphic designer), and completed much of the content, including all the silly chapter introductions.

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Power Tips guide

Another book I designed and wrote most of. Lots of info is packed comfortably into each eyeful.

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