2003-08 - NoteTaker online notebooks

NoteTaker User Guide

NoteShare Server guide

NoteShare Administrator guide

Marketing videos

Another contact from NeXT brought me into this precursor to Google Docs that sadly never got traction. It was a notebook organizer that ran on Mac OSX. It featured real-time collaborative editing, but was way richer than Google Docs ever became.

Ironically, Aquaminds faced a similar onboarding barrier that Google is still trying to solve to get customers to onboard their domains with their Cloud products. To set up sharing (initially peer-to-peer than later centralized from a server), customers had to muck with DNS records and email ports—something most people just don’t feel comfortable doing.

NoteTake User Guide

This book documents the notebook organizer and sharing features. I used the same page design I developed for NeXT—even starting from the original FrameMaker template. I then got help from a graphic designer on decorative art, fonts, margins, and the like.

Explore the whole manual (very slick): NoteTaker_Manual.pdf

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NoteShare Server/Administrator guides

NoteShare Server was their product that let teams host shared notebooks from a central server, rather than sharing peer-to-peer. I wrote guides on using NoteShare Server and its companion application NoteShare Administrator. The manuals were authored in a NoteShare notebook. You need NoteShare (or NoteTaker) to see the actual notebooks, but here are some excerpts:

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Marketing videos

To really see how cool the notebooks were, check out my Marketing videos.

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