2006-09 - Pathworks web-based Help Desk

Administrator guide

Support agent guide

End user guide

Animated flash product tours

Company support portal

This next contract was for a smallish startup located in the same complex as NetScape (remember them?). It later become part of Google’s main Googleplex where I would end up later. Silicon Valley can be a small town.

Anyway, here I produced a variety of materials to document and market Helpstream (formerly Pathworks)—a Web-based service businesses could use to host their own collaborative customer support and social community network. Think web-based ticket management that integrates a knowledge-base managed by a support team, then loops in the community for added input.

Early example of SAAS

Pathworks is an early example of companies moving to  SAAS (Software as a Service)—a model Salesforce made popular in 2000.  In fact, Salesforce was eventually a Helpstream competitor of sorts and won out in the end. Helpstream folded in 2009.


I unfortunately don’t have any screenshots of the product, nor did I manage to hold on to any documentation. But as with other clients, I did a variety of customer-facing projects:

  • Wrote most of the documentation targeted at administrators, support agents who field tickets, and users who submit them.
  • Created animated product tours using Keynote, Snagit screen capture, and Captivate. The tours  require Flash so I can’t include them here.
  • Created a Support portal, similar to what I did for Postini.