2004-08 - Postini spam & virus blocking

Help for end users

Setup & activation wizards

Marketing copy for postini.com

Product tour site

Customer support portal

Online training videos

Partner toolkit

As companies started using corporate email, they had to start fighting spam and viruses for all their employees. Yet another contact from NeXT brought me into working for this early provider of such a service. Postini was later bought by Google and has been absorbed into their cloud offering.

I worked on practically everything customer facing — user documentation, service UI, demos, marketing copy, training videos, and more. Here are just a few examples.

Product tour (Admin console)

Here’s a site I built for a new product release that gives a feel for the actual product. Go ahead and open the site—most navigation links should work.

Message Center tour

Here’s another product tour of a new release of the end user message center. This is where users go to manage all their spam. Most navigation links should work in this site, too.

Service activation wizard

Here’s the original setup wizard for hooking up Postini spam and virus filtering to your domain’s email. What’s funny is that we’re still struggling to lead Google customers through this process, today (people just can’t deal with their domain’s DNS records).